Covid-19 Removals Service Updates

We have created this link to log all up to date information with regards to our services. 

This is to avoid responding to each mail independently. 

This report is updated as new information is received: 

Update: 12th of July 2020 – 21:30pm –  House and office content removals are permitted, national and regional still despite the President’s changes to level 3.  No permits are required.

Update: 14th of May 2020 – 20:00pm

OF RELOCATION – >>>Here<<<

You can now move indefinitely under level 4. –

  • Government has issued new regulations for moving across provincial, metropolitan, and district boundaries.
  • The previous deadline, creating a once-off window to move house until 7 June, has been dropped.
  • Domestic abuse victims have also been included in the new regulations.

Update: 7th of May 2020 – 20:00pm

  • You can now move house, or move into a house you previously bought, under Alert Level 4 rules.
  • Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma published exemptions on movement, for people and their household effects during home relocation. 
  • Terms and conditions apply: If you are moving between towns, you’ll also need permission from the police. Travel “across provincial, metropolitan or district boundaries” require a permit issued by a station commander, Dlamini-Zuma said.
  • This window period is open from Thursday, 7 May, and will close again on 7 June if the lock-down level is not relaxed or new rules are not issued before then.
  • For more stories go to

If you are passing over district lines this is the form you need signed by a station commander.

Update: 5th of May 2020 – 10:05am – As per the below report (1st of May) we are waiting to hear if there are changes that will allow us to move homes in the next shutdown window period from the 6th of May onward. Currently we are only permitted to deliver essential goods and service companies who have a certificate that permits them to operate under level 4.

One of the larger removals companies (Eezi Move) in the country is putting pressure on the government by taking them to court.

Update: 1st of May 2020 – 20:00pm –  Household removals has not been included in level 4 and at least until the 7th of May under the current window period, was the take away from today’s address: 41min onward.

On a good note, that removes some concerns of removals only happening on level 1 or 2 – they mention immediately after house removals that at level 3 the possibility becomes easier.

Update: 1st of May 2020 – 12:00pm – We are not allowed to move during lock down level 4 at present.

The chunkiest article we’ve come across spelling it out – by Property24

Minister Mbalula will be addressing the nation at 14:00pm @ today outlining some transport guidelines. We are not sure if there will be mention of household removals but it’s the next point of reference.

Update: 30th of April 2020 – 19:30pm – Current information says we cannot proceed under level 4.

There appears to be a lot of pressure coming from the industry as linked in the Cape Times article below. We’re holding thumbs for changes.

Call for residential_commercial relocations to be permitted under Level 4

Update: 30th of April 2020 – 10:03am – We have been in communication with the Road Freight Association (publication guidelines.lockdown.level04.29apl20) and corresponded with our competitors who are all saying that under level 4 as of the 1st of May – No one is allowed to move home.

At present we are contacting each booking individually starting with the most recent and looking at making an estimated postponement.

If the further lock down means you are extending your lease to a specific date please let us know which alternate date we can book you for.

We currently have 45 bookings spread over the month of May and will do everything in our capabilities to accommodate everyone at a time and date that is suitable.

Update: 29th of April 2020 – 23:00pm – Unfortunately it’s not looking good as of this evening’s government address linked below.

Our suggestion at this point is to notify any parties who are affected by your movements in anticipation of what looks like a further order to stay put under level 4. We are incredibly frustrated by these circumstances.

NCC led by Minister Dlamini Zuma briefing on regulations relating to COVID19 Level 4 Restrictions.

Apr 29, 2020 – 19:40pm – Watch from 21:00min

Update: 29th of April 2020 – 18:48pm – Below is a link to Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler addressing moving during the lockdown – posted today on Cape Talk – 29th April 2020, 2:19 PM – The whole thing is interesting, listen from 20:57min onward for a removals case. In short, it’s now not looking good for us based on her reports and research.

Update: 29th of April 2020 – 13:00pm – We are currently arranging a return to work program. Considering the following factors and the government guidelines:

Hygiene in the workplace.
We are planning to separate our teams (stagger their work start times – no contact) and keeping the same teams throughout the coming months.
Providing masks to our staff comfortable/purposeful enough to do the physical work we do.
Frequently sanitising our vehicles.
We have requested that our team leaders who own cars fetch the staff in the mornings to avoid them taking public transport outright. This is time consuming logistical challenge that could have an effect on our work arrival times. Please be patience while we take these precautions.

Update: 29th of April 2020 – 09:25am we plan to proceed as normal from the 1st of May 2020 – Unless advised otherwise.

Due to the lack of information being provided by the government it is unclear whether we are allowed to operate under Level 4 from the 1st of May 2020.

We are currently waiting for the next publication that clarify’s our/your circumstances.

The next publication should be available at:

Update: 28th of April 2020 – 21:00pm

We are getting a number of unconfirmed reports, some saying that we can operate under the following level 4 guidelines (Section J.4) and others saying that we ONLY fall under the level 2 guidelines (Section H.4) both highlighted below as well as where this information was received from the document linked.

Level Four: Permitted Retail and Service Operations; and Personal Movement

J. Transport, storage and communication services:
1. Ocean and air transport permitted only for the shipment of cargo;
2. Public rail, minibus taxi and bus services will resume at levels and on terms
as will be set out in Directions, based on the progressive increase in
commuter numbers during the various phases;
3. E-hailing services subject to restrictions on capacity and times, and for
permitted activities only; and
4. Transport and logistics in respect of specified cargo, and permitted retail
goods to neighbouring countries, which shall include all goods imported
via SA ports of entry, for re-export to neighbouring countries;
5. Essential imported goods will be prioritised through ports of entry and for
transport and handling to final users. Directions will be issued in respect of
other goods.

Level Two: Permitted Retail and Service Operations; and Personal

H. Financial and business services:

1. Employees should work from home where possible;
2. Call centers, for local and all international markets, may operate subject to
directions issues by the relevant cabinet members;
3. Essential financial services may operate subject to directions issues by the
relevant cabinet member;
4. All real estate activities permitted;
5. Private security services may operate;
6. Implementation of payroll systems
7. Rental of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment, and of personal and
household goods to support other Level Two services
8. Other professional services may operate only where work-from-home is not
possible, and only to support other Level Two services

Government provides update on level 4 restrictions

Apr 25, 2020